Lee Dong Wook Confesses That He Once Dated an On-Screen Girlfriend

Actor Lee Dong Wook has confessed that he has once dated an on-screen girlfriend in real life.

On September 26, Lee Dong Wook, who melted many women’s hearts through his role in the recently concluded SBS drama “Scent of a Woman,” appeared in SBS “Healing Camp Are You Not Happy” and revealed his dating style and know-hows.

As he talked about mostly acting with older actresses in dramas, the Truth Game started the MCs’ mischievous questions. He surprised everyone when he did not hesitate even a second to honestly answer Kim Jae Dong‘s question, “Have you ever dated your on-screen lover in real life?”

Who could be that actress be?

Also on the show, Lee Dong Wook also talked about his little sister, stating that it was on his “bucket list” to see her get married.

He said, “During our childhood, our family didn’t do well financially, so we lived in the rural area. This makes me feel sorry for my sister.”

After that, a video letter from his little sister then started playing.

“I’m so happy and it’s all because of you. You’ve been living your whole life for our family, but now I want you to live life for yourself. We will be always there for you,” she said in tears. She looked as beautiful as her brother is handsome.

In response, Lee Dong Wook teared up and confessed, “It’s been ten years since I debuted my acting career in high school. I didn’t look back and worked really hard. I’m so happy to hear that my sister is getting married.”

* yoonahbae also contributed to this article