Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha’s Designer Watch More Expensive Than a House

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha showed off a very expensive watch during the group’s recent comeback performances.

On September 24, Narsha put up a picture on her Twitter as she said, “When I shook my wrists that were fastened by a watch, more expensive than our house, my heart was pounding… Brown Eyed Girls, let’s go!” 

Her stage performance for “Hot Shot” of their newly released fourth album, consisted of her wearing a suit with a watch on her wrist. Even with just once glance, you can tell it is a luxurious watch, as she modeled it with a fierce expression. Narsha’s watch is a worldwide luxury brand name product. People have speculated that it is a Swiss brand, “B” watch. It has been revealed that the watch is roughly around 25,000 dollars. 

Netizens exclaimed, “Is it really more expensive than her house?” “I hope your song will be just of a hit as ‘Abracadabra'” “How can a watch cost 25,000 dollars…” “The watch and the suit go together really well.”

Brown Eyed Girls is currently setting an all-kill record with their new songs, “Sixth Sense.”

Here is the performance of “Hot Shot” from Music Core on September 24. If you look closely, you can see the watch.