Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s Romantic Honeymoon Kiss in Paris

Another picture from the newlywed EugeneKi Tae Young couple’s romantic honeymoon has been revealed, leaving more fans jealous of what they share together.

Fashion magazine “InStyle Weddings” captured he couple in the final destination of their honeymoon, Paris. 

It was previously revealed that actor Ki Tae Young did not know much about Eugene during her days in the original idol girl-group SES, when she was considered a fairy. Two years ago, the couple met while filming for the drama “Creating Destiny” and proceeded to build faith in and love for one another. Last May, the couple were wed and left for a three-week honeymoon in Europe that started in Prague and ended in Paris. 

Having had their hair and makeup done during the wee hours of the morning, the couple still naturally radiated off a romantic and newlywed feel as Ki Tae Young showed concern and care for Eugene and Eugene thoughtfully helped fix Ki Tae Young’s clothes.

According to representatives, one could easily feel the love they have for each other throughout the entire shoot.


Meanwhile, the beautiful photoshoot that was taken in Paris and the story behind Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s love from the first meeting to the wedding can be found in the upcoming October issue of “InStyle Weddings”.