Song Hye Gyo's Comeback on the Big Screen

“Forgiveness and sadness. I want to play the part of a character like that.”

After almost four years, actress Song Hye Gyo will return to the big screen in Korea. The reason? She wants to “challenge” herself by making a “transformation”.

On September 26 at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul, Song Hye Gyo attended a press conference for her upcoming movie “Today“. She said, “At first, [I chose this movie because] I trust Director Lee Jung Hyang. But after reading over the scenario, I was even more enthusiastic.”

The challenge of portraying a new type of character moved Song Hye Gyo to take on the role. “It’s true that I’ve only taken really limited and restricted characters before. This time, I want to play a character who I can make. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t want to do this role,” she added.

Song Hye Gyo’s casting in the movie was a direct result of a lovecall. “I was always a fan of Director Lee. But after hearing rumors of a completed scenario, I came up to him first. We had this mutual connection and we ended up in an agreement to make this movie together.”

“Today” is the tragic story of a woman named Da Hae (Song Hye Gyo) who loses her beloved fiancee on her birthday, due to a hit-and-run motorcycle driver. The movie focuses on the deep scars she carries around with her. A video clip of the movie slipped a few tears here and there.

When asked about the difficulty in portraying emotion, Song Hye Gyo answered, “It’s hard to show deep emotion in any touching movie. This movie was special because there were times when I had to show an emotion through an experience which I had never had before. It was hard for me to understand what it would feel like.”

At times like those, Director Lee was a big help. She added, “The things that I had trouble with in the beginning repeated, so that was resolved. As I talked with the director, I was about to naturally understand the situation and the acting.”

This is Director Lee Jung Hyang’s first time picking up the megaphone since the movie “On the Way Home” nine years ago. It will come out on in theaters in Korea next month.

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