Epik High Will Not Be Breaking Up

Ever since it was reported earlier today that rapping trio Epik High’s English brain, Tablo, had signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, eyes have been garnered to how Epik High will carry on henceforth.

Epik High fans will be glad to know that according to a close associate of the group, the other members of the trio, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz already knew of Tablo’s decision beforehand and fully supported him signing on with YG Entertainment.

This close associate had previously stated in a phone call with EDaily STARin, “All Epik High members continue to hold a cordial relationship and it has been known that they have supported Tablo’s decision.”

Even other hip-hop musicians close to Epik High, such as Dynamic Duo’s Choi Ja had posted supporting messages to Tablo through various SNS sites such as Twitter.

A staff member of YG Entertainment has also said, “Since Mithra Jin is still carrying out military service, and Tablo has only signed a solo contract, we can’t say anything about Epik High at this point. This is a matter to be discussed when all members reunite. As of now, we’re keeping many possibilities open.”

Meanwhile, DJ Tukutz has recently completed his mandatory service the previous August. Mithra Jin, having left for service in last year’s August, will return from his military duties around May or June of 2012.