U-KISS Cancels Chinese Concert Due to Exhaustion

U-KISS cancelled one of their schedule items on September 27 because they were exhausted. Their agency officially stated on September 27, “U-KISS will cancel their schedule (activities) and get some rest.” On September 27 they had a Chinese concert that was scheduled.

Currently U-KISS is busy because of their promotions for their second official album “NEVERLAND.” Because of being busy, the group was exhausted.

The agency continued, “After releasing the album on September 1 for about 20 days they have been performing on K-Pop programs and also been appearing on variety shows. U-KISS has gone past their physical limit. They also had to fulfill their music promotions in and outside of Korea. That is why U-KISS has exceeded their limit mentally.”

After finishing their Malaysian concert on September 24, they returned to Korea on September 25 and appeared on SBS’s “Ingigayo.” Then on September 26 they left for Japan. In three days, U-KISS went through 3 different nations. Then during this weekend they had to appear on Korean music programs, and fly out to Taiwan on October 3.

U-KISS members also stated, “This time around we focused on promotions in South Korea. Although we tried to decrease the amount of international promotions, we realized that for the future this was something that we had to do as well. We tried to do our best both nationally and internationally, we believe that this is the reason we are now so exhausted. But, because we are young after only one day of resting we feel fine now. Starting from tomorrow we will try to show all of you a stronger and cooler side of us.”