SNSD Auctions Off Their Outfit from “Woongjin Coway” CF

On Sept. 27, all nine SNSD members appeared at a special fund-raising event titled, “The Beautiful Auction,” sponsored by “Woongjin Coway.” The special auction was organized to help raise money and awareness for single mothers in Korea. The SNSD members brought 29 of their outfits and accessories used while modeling for “Woongjin Coway,” including YoonA’s denim pants, Yuri’s one piece dress, and Soo Young’s necklace, as well as a Woongjin water purifier that had autographs signed by all nine members.

“I’m so happy to be able to use my own outfit for a good cause,” YoonA said of the auction. “I hope people will join us in helping socially deprived single mothers feel more embraced,” Taeyeon added.

The auction will be held from Sept. 28 to late October through a separate auction site ( All proceeds from the auction will be donated to helping single mothers.