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루버더키 (Rubber Duckie)
Management: 뮤직조이너 (Music Joyner)
Cyworld club: http://club.cyworld.com/rubberduckie
* 2007년 복사골 청소년 음악제 장려상
* 2003년 청소년 동아리 한마당 1등 문화부장관상
* Wig Band Rock Festival 장려상
* KTF Rock Festival 심사위 입상


지아 (Jia) [Leader, Guitar & Vocal]
Full name: 송지아 (Song Ji Ah)
Born: December 20, 1987
Education: Hanshin University, Economics
Career: 뻥크밴드 member
Awards: 2007 복사골 Festival
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/rubberduckie_jia
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/rubberduckieJIA


배미 (Baemi) [Bass & Vocal]
Full name: 배미혜 (Bae Mi Hye)
Born: January 8, 1988
Education: Anyang University, Literature
Career: Group 노리화 member
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/bassmh
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/RD_Baemi


써니 (Sunny) [Drum]
Real name: 김성희 (Kim Sung Hee)
Born: June 27, 1990
Education: Songshil University, Practical music
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/shmkrove
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/RD_Sunny

Previous Member:

배키 (Baeky) [Drum & Vocal] 
Real name: 배은정 (Bae Eun Jung)
Born: May 19, 1987
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/baekyworld
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drummerbaeky


Formed in 2004 by high schoolers Jia and Baemy and later joined by in 2009 with then member Baeky, the band is one of the fastest growing bands in and around Seoul. They made their official debut in early 2010 with their single “I Am Single,” in which member Jia wrote all the lyrics. During the “Band Contest Incubator” auditions last year, Rubber Duckie beat 150 other bands and thanks to their win, they were able to release their first full album “Ugly Duckling Story” last August.

Leader Baemy once said in NEH Magazine (one of Korea’s newest foreigner magazine) “we want to be regarded as musicians, not as women…we want our music to make people happy.” Certainly, their music does just that. Their songs have the punk rock sound, but doesn’t exclude the emotional pop ballad songs that are definitely a bonus (and my favorites!)

Rubber Duckie wants to be recognized as worldwide rockstars. Although they understand that it’s quite difficult to reach that dream, more doors are opening up for them and soon enough, they’ll hopefully be just as successful as idol groups. In the near future, the band is expected to make appearances on Mnet’s Yoon Do Hyun’s Must and KBS JOY’s Lee Sora’s Second Proposal.

For more talk from the girls about their first dates, their dreams, and why guys love them, check out the September 2010 issue of NEH Magazine.


I Am A Single (Digital Single)
Released: 2010.02.19
01. 꼬꼬마, 그때부터 사랑해
02. 매일매일 (Everyday Everyday)
03. 죽음의 도주
04. Alone World


고맙다 수원 (Single)
Released: 2010.09.14
01. 고맙다 수원


미운오리 이야기 (Album) 
Released: 2011.08.17

01. Secret time
02. Everybody
03. 미운오리 이야기
04. 아니야
05. 반해버렸어
06. Time alright
07. 잘 지내란 말 하지마
08. Wing wing
09. Rock & roll girl
10. 잘 지내란 말 하지마 (Inst)
11. 미운오리 이야기 (Inst)


Musician Search: Rubber Duckie (Acoustic Version of Everyday Everyday)

[100611] 죽음의 도주

[MV] Ugly Duckling Story


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