Wonder Girls #1 on Billboard’s "Mashup Mondays of 2011"

Wonder Girls received number one on the Billboard Charts’ “Mashup Mondays of 2011” by getting the most number of votes, and also the first group to receive first place on an American chart. According to Billboard, they recieved 65% of all the votes.

“Mashup Mondays” is a section of the website that has new groups singing songs that are recommended or asked for by fans. During the 8 month period, there were a total of 32 teams that participated in the event.

Wonder Girls were the first Korean Singer group to ever show up on “Mashup Mondays.” What’s even more surprising is that they have received a tremendous amount of support from American fans and Korean fans alike. In July, they sang the acoustic version of “Nothing on You” by B.o.B. featuring Bruno Mars, which was the song that helped them win.

Here is the link! http://www.billboard.com/#/column/mashupmondays/wonder-girls-voted-best-mashup-monday-of-1005370462.story