JYJ to Release "Penzal Q Song"

In line with their endorsement for painkiler brand “Penzal Q“, JYJ are to release a special song.

The musical score for song, entitled “Penzal Q Song“, was recently revealed on Penzal Q’s official Facebook page. According to a representative of Jong Keun Dang, the company that manufactures Penzal Q, “The advertising music of Penzal Q has been fitted to JYJ. Musical director Kwon Kyu Jin and the talent in the popular music and drama music industry Zeenan (Jung Jin Hwan) collaborated (for this song).”

Jung Jin Hwan has over 300 songs in his repertoire, including “Looking” from the hit drama “Secret Garden” and “Bad Person“, which was popularized by Baek Ji Young.

In response to this Korean media has stated that, “The advertisement’s CM reminds one of a “nursing man” because it portrays the sensitive heart of a boyfriend who wishes his girlfriend to not be sick. The lyrics are filled with sweet words that allow one to peek into the heart of a lover.” The song boasts of lyrics such as, “If you’re tired, lean on me. Take my hand. Don’t be ill. Through ill hearts and sad tears—I will be with you.”

The Penzal Q CFs, featuring JYJ and the “Penzal Q Song”, will premiere on October 1.