me2day: G-Dragon Responds to Seungri’s Coke Photo with Lemonade Bottles

On Sept. 28, G-Dragon posted a goofy photo of himself holding what looks to be lemonade bottles with the caption, “Hey Seungri, this tastes a lot better.” In the photo posted on his me2day account, G-Dragon is seen clutching onto four bottles of lemonade with a funny facial expression, showing off his playful side.

Today’s photo is in response to Seungri’s me2day post from Sept. 27 when he wrote “Coca Cola is so good. If it’s good you drink it again. What would it be? Make a guess, ding dong daeng dong,” in front of the traditional “Drink Coca Cola” circle sign. After seeing the photo many fans have wondered if there were any CF arrangements going on between the beverage manufacturer and Big Bang.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “That’s such a funny expression,” “I can tell he hates to lose those bottles,” “He’s so cute with that face.” Could Big Bang possibly be working on a drink commercial?


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