Clazziquai’s Alex to Hold a Concert in November

“Romantic Guy” Alex (Clazziquai) is having an exclusive concert for the first time in three years.

On November 5 at Yon Sei University’s auditorium, he is scheduled to have a live concert titled “The Words I Couldn’t Say.” This performanceke will be the finishing touch to his second album “Just Like Me.”

“The title of the concert describes the unchanging love that my fans have given me, and the love that they continue to give me. The songs have that feeling that a guy gets after confessing to a girl. It’s that fluttering feeling.”

Fans who received the news joyously said, “Thanks to Alex, it’s going to be a warm performance,” “I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first concert in three years, but I’m anticipating it even more,” and “This is the concert I’m going to look forward to all autumn.”

Meanwhile Alex, who currently emcees MTV‘s The Stage, will now be even busier as he makes preparations for upcoming events.