On September 25, Han Ga In was spotted at the Incheon Airport, leaving Korea for a photoshoot in Paris. It was easy to distinguish her from the crowd due to her good looks, bright smile, and stylish fashion. All throughout the airport, people kept turning their heads.

After getting out of her van, Han Ga In had to walk across the parking lot to get inside the airport. It was early in the morning, but her face was lively and glowing. Even after noticing the paparazzi, she wasn’t nervous or overwhelmed. She lightly waved hello and smiled at the cameras.

What’s even more surprising is that she had no makeup on. She was definitely sporting the bare face, but there were no flaws. Her skin was clear and smooth, and her complexion was that of a makeup model.

Han Ga In’s airport fashion was chic as well. She wore a beige colored trench coat, matched with grey jeans. The coat was tied at the waist for a slimmer fit. To contrast the black shirt, she wore white Oxfords. Her hair was gathered back into a cool simple bun, emphasizing her facial features.

Before entering the exit gate, Han Ga In was seen making a last minute phone call. It was, of course, to her husband Yun Jung Hoon. Her husband told her how much he worried about her health, while she worried for his tiring drama schedule. The quick check-up call lasted ten minutes. Although the couple have been married for six years, they are still like a honeymoon couple.

Right before boarding the plane, Han Ga in delivered excellent fan service by turning to the cameras and giving a bright, warm smile. In Paris, she will be showing a new kind of charm in the photoshoots. We will await your comeback in Korea!