Kim Kyu Jong Talks About Solo Debut and SS501

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong will soon be debuting as a solo artist. While the other members of SS501 debuted as solo artists one by one, Kim Kyu Jong has been performing and building up experience on the musical stage, and is now the last member of SS501 to debut solo. 

Kim Kyu Jong spoke out saying that it wasn’t intentional. “I didn’t intend on being the last one out of our members to debut as a solo, I guess it just happened that way. I knew that Yeong Saeng would be the first to go solo, but I didn’t think the other members would also follow that path so quickly.”

He continued, “Seeing the members’ solo albums do so well, it put a lot of weight on my shoulders. I would love it if my album did well also, but as the last member to go solo, I think it is my role to make sure I don’t ruin the image of the members who have debuted before me.” He also revealed his main goal, “Instead of hitting it big with my solo album, I just want people to think, ‘Kim Kyu Jong seems like a good guy,’ when they see me.”

Kim Kyu Jong revealed, “I just want to pass the time and continue my solo promotions while waiting for the day that SS501 comes together to release another group album. All the members have thought about the idea of releasing a SS501 album, but realistically, there are some obstacles that restrict us from doing so. I know that the members have their minds on it, but I think that this point in time, it is the time to just focus on our solo careers.” 

Kim Kyu Jong carefully opened up, “To be honest, there was a lot of talk about how there was only Kim Hyun Joong in SS501. After hearing that, Kim Hyun Joong and the rest of the members were quite upset. So I think that is why our solo promotions are important. While promoting solo, each member can appeal themselves to the public and get more exposure, so that later when we come together again, we will be stronger as a group and not just one member will stand out amongst the others.”

After thinking of something, Kim Kyu Jong excitedly spoke out, “There was always something I wanted to try, but because the members are all so busy, I don’t know if we’ll have the time to try. This is the first time that all the members have released an album in the same year. So I was thinking that maybe at the end of the year when there are a lot of award ceremonies and special stages, that all the members can come together to do a special stage consisting of each members solo songs, kind of like a medley.”

He mentioned, “I think we are really alike. Not long ago we all met up for Hyung Joon’s birthday, but people asked us, ‘Were you forced to come today?’ I think people misunderstand our relationship because we are so close. I meet up with Yeong Saeng a lot, but when I’m with other people they always ask, ‘You guys aren’t that close are you?’ It’s not because we are awkward around each other, but because we are so close that we don’t need to express ourselves to one another that often.”

Kim Kyu Jong also talked about how he asked Heo Yeong Saeng’s to feature in his song, “My Love,” that is in his recent album. “I thought it would become a good memory so I asked Yeong Saeng if he could rap in one of my songs. At first he declined saying that he couldn’t rap and that I would regret it. But when it actually came to recording, he was really amazing. There are some parts that sound like it was computerized, but it was all Yeong Seng making the special effects.”

Kim Kyu Jong has come back with his first solo album “TURN ME ON,” with the title song “Yesterday,” which was composed by Han Sang Won, who also made the hit song “U R MAN.” “Yesterday” is a song that has a unique configuration to the structure of the song, so it becomes deeper and more emotional in the latter half of the song. It has a similar feel to “U R MAN,” but at the same time, completely different.