DBSK Weaves Special Messages in Japanese Album "TONE"

In DBSK‘s newly released Japanese album, “TONE,” fans have noticed special messages hidden in the album.

In the lyrics booklet of the album, some lyrics are printed in different colors. When combined, the colored words form a message. In the regular version of the CD, the message translates into, “We love you. We’ll always be by your side. Let’s walk on together.”

In the “Bigeast” version of the CD, hidden in the lyrics of five songs, the words weave together to form, “We love you. We’re always grateful. From now on, we’ll walk on together with Bigeast.” Because Bigeast is the name of DBSK’s Japanese fan club, the words have special meaning to those fans who read it. In the CD and DVD limited edition version, hidden in the lyrics of six songs, the highlighted words come together to form, “Let’s walk on together from now on. We’ll be by your side forever. From now on, let’s walk on together. We love you.” In all three forms of the CD, the same phrase of “Let’s walk on together” is used.

DBSK, better known as Tohoshinki in Japan, released “TONE” on Sept. 28 and sold more than 105,000 copies on the day of its release, which put them at #1 of the Oricon Daily Album Charts.