Super Juniors Releases "A-CHA" Dance MV

After releasing the MV a few days ago, Super Junior released the dance version for their hot song “A-CHA” on September 29.

There will be two versions; one was released at 3PM in Korea, and the second version will be reveiled at 12AM. The first version focuses on the facial expression of members. The second version will focus more on the overall dance and performance of the members as a group.

“A-CHA” is the follow-up song and the title track to Super Junior’s repacked fifth album of “Mr. Simple.” The official MV proved to be a big hit with fans as it received over 2 million views in just three days after the release!

In the meantime, Super Junior will continue promoting “A-CHA” with eight members as Kim Hee Chul recently enlisted in the army shortly after “Mr. Simple” was released. Also, member Choi Si Won is busy filming the drama “Poseidon” and will not participate in the follow-up promotions.

Version 1:

Version 2: