4Men to Hold First Nationwide Tour "The Artist"

For the first time since their debut 13 years ago, vocal group 4Men will be taking off on very own nationwide tour this year titled “The Artist.”

According to information revealed by Happy Face Entertainment, 4Men, wlil be starting their “The Artist” tour at Daejun on September 30 and October 1. The concert will continue to Junbuk University on the 22 and 23, at the KBS Hall on the 30, and at the Donggu Cultural Gymnasium in Daegu on November 4 and 5. 

Since their debut in 1998, the group has released an abundance of hit songs that fans will now be able to hear live like “Baby Baby,” “Confession,” and “I Can’t.” 4Men will also be revealing their dance performance for “Love Tonight” for the very first time at the concert. 

It goes without saying that 4Men is one of the best vocal groups that Korea has to offer, so for those in Korea, be sure not to miss out on this phenomenal event!