Yoon Do Hyun Says He Used to be "Trash"

Singer Yoon Do Hyun, who recently participated in MBC’s “I Am a Singer”, revealed that he used to be “trash”.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s “Talkshow Taxi”, Yoon Do Hyun said that if it hadn’t been for his wife, who pulled him through life’s difficulties, and for his friends, he wouldn’t be able to live as happily as he does now. (He used the term “trash” which is extremely deragatory in Korean in order to describe his past self.)

He expressed his gratitude towards his wife, saying that she was the perfect partner. She changed him from a “selfish” person into a better person.

“If you get to know me, I’m really a trash-like guy. But my wife continually prayed for me and thanks to her, I am changed.”

There is another special woman in his life though: his daughter. Yoon Do Hyun’s daughter has him wrapped around her little finger. At their recent trip to Hawaii together, Yoon Do Hyun learned how to hoola dance and also looked for a rainbow with his daughter. He showed the most tender and sensitive side of him through her. Anyone could tell that his love for his daughter is greater than anything else.

Yoon Do Hyun also talked about a special friend.

“This friend is someone who first introduced me to music and was by my side through some very difficult times. Sadly, he took his own life but he was so important to me that he still comes out in my dreams,” he said. It was shocking how he made such a personal confession about this gloomy topic. YB Live’s first album’s jacket design, along with the hit song “My Head Hurts” were actually dedicated to the friend.

We’ll get to meet Yoon Do Hyun’s family when the episode airs on October 2.

An adorable picture of his seven year old daughter: (She looks like a model!)