Orange Caramel to Make a Comeback Next Month

There has been a new development on Orange Caramel’s pending comeback. This time, it’s “Shanghai”. 

On September 9, Orange Caramel’s Nana announced on their official fansite that Orange Caramel would soon be making a comeback. However, it contained no information on when the comeback would be.

After Orange Caramel’s last album, “Project Circle Asia: Installment 1”, that contained their “Bangkok City” concept, the city that has been chosen for their “Project Circle Asia: Installment 2” is Shanghai. Orange Caramel plans to begin their activities with a title song that follows the concept of “Shanghai”. They will have the chance to express their fresh and spirited personalities, as well as show their audience the strong individuality of the city, Shanghai.

Fans of Orange Caramel have been showing a lot of interest in their comeback because of the cute and unique concept they continuously surprise the audience with, every time they come up with a new album. As a result, there is a high anticipation for their comeback that is scheduled for October 13.

Meanwhile, there are plans for a surprising star to take part in the production of “Project Circle Asia: Installment 2” and it has been told that Orange Caramel is in the midst of filming their music video in secret.