Song Eun Yi Updates Twitter with Parody of miss A’s Suzy

Actress Song Eun Yi updated her Twitter on September 29 with a rather interesting picture and tweeted a message which she wrote, “I am Suzy-cue! A member of miss A.C.”

In the amusing photo Song Eun Yi was seen sporting a long hairstyle with straight across cut bangs similar to that of miss A’s Suzy signature look. Song Eun Yi gave her followers a good laugh with her caricature of Suzy as she wore a white dress coupled with her making a comical expression and striking a funny pose.

Netizens left comments regarding her parody saying: “I am able to see 0.001% of Suzy in you!,” “You are just as beautiful as Suzy is,” and “Don’t do this to Suzy, Suzy’s mom!”

What do you think? Could she pass as Suzy’s doppleganger?