Tweet Talk With Leessang: Gil

The artist chosen for Ilgan Sports’ sixth edition of “Tweet Talk” is Leessang, the group that has shown a drastic change from “the fierce hip-hop duo” to “the two hilarious men from variety shows”. 

After revealing different sides of themselves to the public through variety shows MBC Infinity Challenge” (Gil) and SBS Running Man” (Gary), the popularity of the hip-hop duo rose rapidly. As they busily made appearances on their respective shows, they also found the time to record and produce their most recent album, “AsuRa BalBalTa”, which became a big hit and hit the top ranks of various music charts. 

Ilgan Sports recently had the opportunity to enjoy exclusive chats with each of Leessang’s members through their personal Twitter accounts. Check out Gil’s Tweet Talk below!


(Gil’s Twitter Profile: 1,665 Tweets; 123 Following; 90,6790 Followers, joined 2010.05.06)

@Entertainment Team “Hello, Gil^^ We’ll start the Tweet Talk interview, in hopes that you’ll show us all your variety skills you weren’t able to show on “Infinity Challenge. keke”

@GillMeo “It’ll probably be difficult…but I will try my best…ke”

@Entertainment Team “All the songs in your latest album became hits. Which is the song that you personally like the best?”

@GillMeo “All the songs are like my blood and skin, but if I was to choose a song, I would say that “Turned off the TV” is the song I had the most attachment to. It’s the song that provided a new path for Leessang. But, I know like the song that I made a few days ago better. Even if I’m not sure if it’ll make an appearance in our next album hehehe”

@Entertainment Team “It was such a dreary image that it was hard to think of it as your past. T.T I don’t know if it’s because of the variety shows, but you always seem so cute. Which do you enjoy more?”

@GillMeo “I haven’t changed at all…I just seems like the world has changed. kekeke I enjoy both~”

@Entertainment Team “Unexpectedly, it seems you often show an affectionate relationship with Park Myung Soo during the broadcast. Isn’t it all just for show and you normally get teased by Park Myung Soo?” 

@GillMeo “I’m not lying at all when I say that he’s really lovable. He also has a warm heart~ He’s not only someone who overflows with affection, he’s the person Leessang chose as the funniest person in this world kekeke He’s a perfect man with nothing to waste.”

@Entertainment Team “If you were to have to choose between being active with you variety show senior, Yoo Jae Suk, or colleague, Gary, who would you choose?”

@GillMeo “Definitely Gary. I believe that without Gary, my music would be like a car without a tire, airplane without wings, fish without gills, and tiger without canine teeth. In other words, I wouldn’t exist without Gary.”

@Entertainment Team “During the “Infinity Challenge – Hanamana Concert”, you chose to partner up with Shin Se Kyung instead of Bada. It looked like you were interested in her; did you enjoy it a lot?”

@GillMeo “She’s too young for me to be interested in her. She’s younger than my youngest cousin, who I watched grow up keke^^” 

@Entertainment Team “You look unexpectedly sharp after you lost weight. It seems like you repeated lose and gain weight. Is it because of slow metabolism?”

@GillMeo “I’m not an athletic person at all. I started exercising because of “Infinity Challenge” keke Exercising has become a part of my lifestyle now, but my appetite has also grown a lot, so I’ve been blindly eating a lot ke I guess that’s why my weight is back and forth so much keke I’m a fatty who likes to drink and eat gourmet foods.”

@Entertainment Team “You’re the owner of a restaurant that serves pig intestine. I’ll give you the chance to market your restaurant.”

@GillMeo “I’m supposed to go often. But because I’ve been so busy these days that I haven’t had the time to go. Thank you for showing love for it ke You should come over with your colleagues as well hehehe”

@Entertainment Team “You’re in the middle of preparing for a concert. Please introduce a secret weapon.^^”

@GillMeo “A secret weapon…there isn’t anything I can think of off the top of my head. We’re two people whose faces are the secret weapon. (Oh so funny~) hehehe”

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