Tweet Talk with Leessang: Gary

After gaining immense popularity through their respective variety shows, SBS Running Man” and MBC Infinity Challenge”, Leessang’s Gary and Gil have also recently produced their seventh album, “AsuRa BalBalTa”, that topped multiple music charts.

Ilgan Sports recently had the opportunity to enjoy exclusive chats with each of Leessang’s members through their personal Twitter accounts. Check out Gary’s Tweet Talk below!


(Gary’s Twitter Profile: 1,850 Tweets; 147 Following; 101,678 Followers; joined 2011.05.31)

@Entertainment Team “Leessang’s latest album was wildly popular. Did you expect it? Please share your unusual thoughts.” 

@garie5882 “First, thank you very much. I couldn’t be happier. I did indeed have high expectations…haha. But I had absolutely no idea the response would be this hot^^”

@Entertainment Team “Not only with music, but you’ve also become the general trend for variety shows as well. They say your popularity among elementary students is off the chain. Has it sunk in for you?

@garie5882 “They recognize me a lot more compared to a year ago. Little kids look at me and shout “Kang Gary” keke …It’s all good. It’s proof that “Running Man” is receiving a lot of love^^” 

@Entertainment Team “If you were to have to choose between being active with you variety show senior, Yoo Jae Suk, or colleague, Gil, who would you choose?”

@garie5882 “If I choose one person over the other and hurt someone’s feelings, I’ll just choose not to reply to that.” 

@Entertainment Team “You’re a couple with Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man’. How high do you think is the possibility of the two of you advancing into a real couple?”

@garie5882 “Song Ji Hyo is a really easy-going, kind, and pretty little sister and colleague. Its not good for her to date someone like me, who lives so freely and is often scattered kekeke”

@Entertainment Team “There are rumors that your bank account balance was zero won. Have you filled up your account by a lot?” 

@garie5882 “Definitely. Haha. I make a lot of money these days.” 

@Entertainment Team “In a survey, you were voted first place for the “celebrity who seems most like a bookworm”. You surprisingly have the image of an intellectual. Do you really read a lot of books?”

@garie5882 “This is embarrassing…but I don’t read a lot of books T.T; The lyrics usually come from my experiences keke” 

@Entertainment Team Out of all the rappers like TigerJK, Yoon Mirae, and Dynamic Duo, how do you honestly think you rank in terms of rapping skills?”

@garie5882 “Not only with them, but I don’t believe that I’m better than anyone else…I just put a lot of effort into doing my best on stage.”

@Entertainment Team “You’re in the midst of preparing for your concert. I’ll give you the chance to boast however much you want.”

@garie5882 “We’re doing our best to express Leessang’s colors! Hope many of you come^^”