Myspace Features Aziatix’s "Be With You (Rock Mix)"

Korean American trio Aziatix was featured on Myspace on September 28. The social media hub featured the music video for “Be With You (Rock Mix)” on their music homepage along with major American acts such as Jennifer Lopez, J. Cole, and Kelly Clarkson.

The feature comes three weeks following the release of the official MV. The video on their Myspace page recorded several hundred views within the day of the feature. This is the second time Aziatix has been featured on Myspace. They graced the homepage on September 2 with their music video “Slippin’ Away.”

Last month, Aziatix also became the first Asian American group to be feature on AOL Music‘s homepage. They have continued to make strides in representing Asians and Asian Americans in both the Korean and American music industry.

Check out their video on Myspace here.