Tweet Talk: Prying on Leessang’s Best Five

As the third installment of Ilgan Sports’ “Tweet Talk” with hip-hop duo, Leessang, the members’ top five Twitpics that were posted up were analyzed. Check them out below!

 1. “Photo shoot. I think I got a little closer to Gary” August 16

After debuting, there were many rumors that the relationship between the members was sour. During “Infinity Challenge” broadcasts, suspicions arose that “they’re really not close at all” because of how awkward they looked around one another. However, they explained that they are actually closer than brothers who share the same blood. The two guys are looking spiffy in suits and engaging themselves in the photo shoot. Gil’s pose while pulling on Gary’s clothes is what catches people’s attention.

2. “While making a cameo appearance in the goddess, Tasha’s, music video…but it doesn’t seem like my eyes are smoky, it seems like my concept is that I was beat up. All of Yoon Mirae songs that will be out soon are the best! I listened to them!” August 28

Gary made a cameo appearance in Yoon Mirae’s music video. He boasted a tough guy’s cool harms while wearing a white shirt and black jacket. He garnered a lot of attention with his dark smoky makeup. Yoon Mirae is smiling brightly next to Gary. She looks as affectionate as an older sister would be.

3. “Thursday…couple…” August 4

With Jung Hyung Don in the middle, the two guys have officially begun to quarrel with each other. Jung Hyung Don and Gil are considered best friends while they’ve made appearances part of “Infinity Challenge’s” fixed cast. However, as Gary took part in the crew special every Wednesdays and got close to Jung Hyung Don, a crack formed. Gary, “Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo is going to be jealous.

4. “Noona [what a male calls an older female], I miss you. Save this picture and look at it whenever you miss me” June 25

After leaving MBCCome to Play”, this is a picture Gil sent to mistress Kim Won Hee as a present. Wearing black tights with a blue face, he looks like he belongs in the movie, “Avatar”. Gil adapted to variety shows with the help of Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee while he was a fixed cast for the “Come to Play” panel.

5. “Jo In Sung, are you watching…?” May 23

There’s a spoiler on Gil’s Twitter? He exposed that actor Jo In Sung made an appearance on “Infinity Challenge” by posting a picture that he took with him. Gil has his hands respectively wrapped around each other, while it looks like Jo In Sung is flicking him. Gil also revealed the long-term project the cast of MBC “Infinity Challenge” was filming by posting their practice video on his Twitter. By observing Gil’s Twitter, one is able to see what kind of projects the “Infinity Challenge” cast is working on ahead of time.

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