T-Max’s Kim Joon Enlists Into the Military as a Conscripted Policeman

The singer/actor Kim Joon enlisted into the military on September 29. He will receive training for 5 weeks then proceed through his military service as a conscripted policeman.

Before enlisting he briefly spoke with the press stating, “There are many people who are worried about me because I am enlisting so late, but do not worry. Everyone has to go through with this. I will work hard to make up for the lateness and be healthy.”

He smiled while saying, “People around me have commented about the rain on the day of my enlistment and have said ‘It is just like my heart (In their hearts it is raining because they are sad.)’ but that is just gross, you don’t need to say things like that.”

Kim Joon was also determined to change a few things about himself, “I couldn’t sleep. I did not have a regular sleep schedule before and through this chance I would like to change my bad habits.”

He continued, “There are so many things that I feel like I need to do, but the world doesn’t move around because of personal greed. I will use the thinking time that I will now have and think about what I need to change, in order to become a better Kim Joon.”

Fellow T-Max member Park Han Bi and representatives from their entertainment agency also arrived to see the star enlist.

Before Kim Joon enlisted into the army, he released 40 black and white photos with the title “Private Kim Joon” and posted them on his Facebook page.

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