‎[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" – Oct. 1st Episode

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Jang Woo♡Eun Jung :  Being the lead characters is difficult!

Today is the day when the couple plays the lead characters in a music video! Before the recording, they check the script of the music video, and the concept is “Misfortunate Couple.” In particular, for the “love scene,” the director gives them a surprise mission and tells the couple to think one up before arriving. What kind of “love scene” will the couple think up?

The couple, feeling elated at the thought of recording a “love scene,” arrive at the outdoor shoot location. However contrary to their expectations, the music video recording gradually gets more and more difficult! Woo-Jung Couple continue to give an energetic performance while standing under the endless rain coming from the sprinkler truck. What’s worse, Jang Woo has to do a wire stunt scene in the rain. What kind of situations will occur at the shooting location of the couple’s difficult (?) music video recording?


Won Joon♡So Hyun: Making a family motto picture is quite easy right?

So-Won Couple enjoys a peaceful morning at their house! A package arrives at their house early in the morning, what will the couples response be once they see it? What is the identity of the box contents that made the couple squabble (?) over it?

At that moment, a mission card arrives that tells them to make an original family motto, designed just for the couple! While they are at it, they decide to draw their family motto and make a family motto picture! What will be So-Won couple’s original family motto? 

The couple packs up their art tools and go up to the Sangam Mountain(?) near their house! Before they draw their family motto picture, they decide to face each other and try to draw portraits of each other. However, how will So-Won Couple complete their “Portrait painting of love”?