Choi Siwon Puts Overseas Activities on Hold to Focus on “Poseidon”

Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon has decided to put a halt to all of his overseas activities in order to focus on KBS drama “Poseidon” and the development of his character, Sun Woo.

In “Poseidon,” Choi Siwon has been showing his natural talent for action dramas. He portrays the role of Sunwoo, a member of the marine police task force assigned to get to the bottom of unsolved mysteries. Through his consistent roles within various dramas, idol Siwon is considered to be a versatile entertainer with many charms. 

Choi Siwon showed an attachment to his character by saying, “Sun Woo is very similar to myself in real life because of how highly he values teamwork, which is how I am like with Super Junior.”

Meanwhile, “Poseidon” is drawing in more high expectations as each episode is broadcasted. The drama airs every week on Monday and Tuesday.