Pictures of IU in a High School Uniform Revealed

New pictures of the nation’s little sister, IU, have been revealed recently.

On the morning of September 30, a blogger posted two pictures of the singer with the caption, “IU has returned to school after a while.”

In these pictures, IU is posing in a typical school uniform. It appears that she has no make-up on and she is also wearing her hair down, looking like a real high school girl. The usually high spirited girl, smiles shyly into the camera and gives off a very innocent vibe.

These pictures were taken while IU was attending Dongduk High School.

Netizens praised her cuteness and beauty by leaving comments like, “IU, why are you so cute?” “I see dark circles, are you tired?” and “Even when you do not wear make-up, you look pretty.”

Recently, IU has been busy with the production of her new album. Its release is currently set for mid-October.