New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 October Week 1

Infinite Vol. 1 Special Repack – Paradise (released)

01 Over the Top
02 Be Mine
03 Paradise
04 Cover Girl
05 1/3
06 Tic Toc
07 Julia
08 Because (Sungkyu Solo)
09 Time (Woohyun Solo)
10 Amazing
11 Crying (Infinite H feat. Baby Soul)
12 Real Story
13 Be Mine (Remix Ver)

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Infinite returns with a special repackaged album, “Paradise”, coming before fans once more with powerful music. There are a total of thirteen tracks, with the new title track being, “Paradise”. The boys are able to showcase their maturity through this strong, upbeat number.


 Zia Vol. 2 – Avancer (Oct. 6)

01 The Way I Am (Feat. Ha Dong Gyun)
02 Who Lied
03 This Is My Song
04 First Day of Breakup
05 Write Love (With Mir of Mblaq)
06 Will Stay Home
07 24 Hours (With Park Jung Ah)
08 Just Once More
09 Hope It Is You (With K.Will)
10 The Way I Am (Inst)
11 Hope It Is You (Inst)

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The queen of ballads, Zia finally returns with a new full-length album, “Avancer” after pre-releasing two singles last month. There are a total of eleven tracks composed by Korea’s top composers from the likes of Jun Hae Sung, G Gorilla, Kim Do Hun, Lee Hyung Seung, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Je-A. The title track is “The Way I Am” which was composed by Jun Hae Sung and penned by Choi Gap Won. It is a sad ballad number of holding on to a lover, but at the same time not feeling good enough for him. The piano and string melody harmonizes well with the singer’s voice. Ha Dong Gyun also features at the end of the song. The sub-title track is “First Day of Breakup”, a G Gorilla composition. It is very different from Zi-A’s usual style, showing yet another side of the singer.


Clover (single) – Oppa I Know (released)

01 Oppa I Know
02 Oppa I Know (Inst)

Clover, which consists of Eun Ji Won, Typhoon, and Gilme returns with a single, “Oppa I Know”. It is an upbeat hip-hop number in minor key. Like their previous hit, “La Vida Loca”, it has Latin sounds. The song hold fun lyrics that satirizes women and their “oppa catching” fishing grounds.

Other Releases:
The Finnn – Vol. 2 Heart’s Blues (Oct. 4)
Hotdogg – Bbq Boyz (Oct. 4)
Sweet Salt – Vol. 1 Moon Rainbow (Oct. 4)
Yasu – Yasu: Writing History From Now (Oct. 5)
Han Young Ae – Behind Time: 1925-1955 A Memory (Oct. 6)
Various Artists – Showmust (Oct. 6)
Down in a Hole – Vol. 3.5 Real Life (Oct. 6)

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