‎[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" – Oct. 1 Episode

Infinity Challenge – Hanamana Event Season Three Part Two★

There is wild excitement everywhere they go! An exciting mood! ♫ We have returned much more resolutely with much more stronger intense friends! The genuine event road show! Show! Show! Infinity Challenge – Hanamana Event Season Three!


# Hanamana Event Season Three, The final line up is finally revealed!!

Following on from last week, the identity of the guests are being revealed one after another! The outrageous trio, The Centimeter Choiahah-Haha?! They have turned the studio upside down with their nonstop gratuitous dancing! Their identities are?! The four tidy looking (?) young men, Sweet Sorrow and the Lee Juk look-a-like that is only slightly different! The top class actor that is more PSY like than PSY himself! The super line up!! “Hanamana Wandering Troupe” revealed!

# Everyone is at peace with each other, however only two teams can go up on stage!!

They may not where their destination is but the Hanamana Wandering Troupe sets off, full of life and spirit! The mood is heating up as they travel together with the new people!! Making songs on the spot and showing off your talents is a given! Are they supposedly going to work or they going on an MT, it’s impossible to tell! ♪ We expect this to be a hit! The extremely addictive “Of Course Song” and then the “Se Kyung Song” that is full of selfish interests?! The endless parade of singing and laughing! What had happened inside their highway bus?!

However…Only two teams can go up on stage! Using various tools to draw lots, there is a lot of tension in the air! Choosing the performing teams! Who will be the teams that get the chance to go up on stage?

# We will now be beginning in earnest! Event Hanamana!!

The junior high girl high school students are gathered around for an education show recording However MC Yoo suddenly appears in front of their eyes! Who will be the honourable teams that get to recharge the high school students that are exhausted due to their studies?

Full of smiles! You can feel the energy at the School sports field event location! There is no time to rest! A special unit group is created so that they can visit even more customers! Shin Se Kyung!! She becomes a bare foot diva?! Extraordinary! The first unit group “Shin-Gil” their debut location is? 

The second event stage has been prepared impromptu in a factory! They appear on a forklift! Their stage is recycled boxes?! The people exhausted due to heavy workloads! Perk Up~!! The biggest cause of industry growth! Which team will get the chance to give a special performance for these workers?

In no time, it has become dark…however we cannot stop!! The wandering troupe finally arrives at their final event location! At this location, there is no way you can even compete with Se Kyung?? Her name is screamed out at the top of their voices! Shin! Se! Kyung! Please don’t call out our team! The reason why even the competing teams desperately want Se Kyung’s team to perform is? They work day and night to protect the country! The last stage with the passionate youths! The last stage location is?

You naturally follow along due to the excitement! The joys of the West Coast Expressway Music Festival have remained intact! Infinity Challenge – Hanamana Event Season Three! We have an event today, do you want to come as well?