Kim Tae Hee Shows Off Her Slim Figure

Actress Kim Tae Hee has once again stunned her fans and netizens with a new picture of herself.

On September 30, a member of an online community uploaded a picture of the beautiful actress with the caption, “Kim Tae Hee’s recent pose.”

Kim Tae Hee is wearing a wine color cocktail dress and strikes a sexy pose towards the camera, while holding a leopard print clutch in her hand. This pose shows her slim figure stunning many netizens.

Netizens praised her beauty as well as her body figure by commenting, “I am trying to copy your pose right now,” “What does this unni not have?,” and “Are you not pushing out your upper body too much?”

In the meantime, the actress is busy with the filming of her new Japanese drama99 Days with a Star.”