BoA is Looking for Mr. Right

BoA needs a boy? The SM Entertainment singing queen and COBU 3D star, BoA, tweeted her current status when it comes to marriage. On September 30, she posted her personal feelings about marriage when someone she is close to is next up at the alter. The following are her messages along with a tweet from HiRAO Inc Japanese PR Director Emma Ishazaki about the subject.

BoA: “My friend just told me that she’s getting married Dang.. She’s the first friend who’s getting married around my age…congrats girl! Humm.. Where is my future hubby…. Feels like I’m getting old”

Emma Ishizaki: “gotta find some romance first!!! hmmm…”

BoA: “Totally!!! BUT, We should stop having lonely girls night first!!”

Will her fans or fellow idols help her find Mister Right? BoA’s supporters jumped on the Twittersphere matrimony bandwagon to comment on her messages about the future.

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Below are just a few of their messages:

“me,too. When I look at myself through the mirror, I think I’m getting old. When you started to sing,you and I were just kids.”

“Do you like blondes? I know one who’s available. Hey. You know him too. Lol”

“no you aren`t getting old .. You will find who deserves to be with you forever”

BoA, who is currently awaiting the release of her first Hollywood movie, “COBU 3D”, has been working hard in the SMTown. Between SMTown Live shows and her recent SBS K-Pop Star judging, the singer has plenty to keep her occupied until the man of her dreams rides up as a knight in shining armor. “I’m in LA..Jetlaged.. looking forward to meeting contestants on the first day of K-pop star.” stated BoA on September 23. You can catch BoA and the rest of her “town” in New York on October 23 at 9PM in Madison Square Garden.

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