The Honesty of Glamorous “Top Girl” G.NA

The uncontested hottest star these days is undoubtedly singer G.NA. She has mastered various commercials with her wholesome beauty including an underwear CF, which is known as the commercial only top stars are called for. Her previous title track “Black and White” was recorded as the most loved song in the first half of 2011. Not only that, G.NA blows up a storm with whatever she does, with every photo posted on her Twitter being complimented profusely by netizens as the “perfect beauty”.

However, G.NA isn’t just a visual singer. Her iPhone is full of lyrics she had written down herself, as well as her ideas being embedded here and there in things like her new album jacket. Some senior singers call her the future female representative producer. To put it simply, she’s a woman full of wants and goals. In this article, OSEN media meets with G.NA for an interview.

“The title track for this album, “Top Girl”, had its lyrics revised eleven times. Four times out of that eleven was because of me. It’s because I wrote many different kinds of different lyrics. It thumbed over the subject of a woman fallen in love. However, we didn’t get to use it because it didn’t fit well with the concept of the album. I’m regretful of that.”

Having played the version of “Top Girl” to the interviewer, she shows off the lyrics she wrote by herself, piled upon various memos in her phone.

“I wrote a lot of possible lyrics for many of the songs. Even if “Banana” was the only song my lyrics were used in, I want to keep trying.”

Being full of curiosity, G.NA is the type to bother her associates at her management company often. She attends company meetings to suggest her opinions, writes out the words that are put into the album, and chose the overall tone of the album herself. She meticulously discusses her schedules and enthusiastically participates in everything.

“The company people described me as “the singer that makes me move”, does that mean that I pain them? But I really do enjoy creating and designing something with people.”

Being born from a pair of athlete parents, G.NA has inherited a competitive streak. Because of this competitive side, she was able to overcome harsh training to conquer being a tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged person to become a singer.

“These days, I’m working hard as well. Since my issues fall too much towards my body figure, I have to practice singing more. I relearned harmonies from start to finish and sang all the choruses in my album. I even had 16 guide songs. I’m the type to research a lot about my own singing color.”

Her recent worries revolve around how she could appeal with her charms more.

“My goal for my last album was to make myself known. To the extent where if someone hears my name, they’d recognize me like “Ah, that person!” I think I’ve achieved that to some amount, but not so much that I’m satisfied. I still have a long way to go, and I want to make people fall into my charms someday. Rather than being nice but oblivious, I think it’s better being a troublemaker but charming.”

The album name and concept for “Top Girl” was an idea suggested by G.NA. She’d portrayed a person who people wanted to approach, a woman who girls wanted to be like. G.NA also completely falls in agreement with the lyrics that Wheesung wrote.

“At that time, my best friend was having a hard time after breaking up with her boyfriend. After I heard that story, I got the notion that we ourselves have to become more and more like a “Top Girl”. I suggested growing our confidence and not sweating the small stuff. My friend first said, “What are you talking about”, but after she watched my first “Top Girl” performance, she’d said “I think I understand what you mean”.”

In reality, G.NA has gained a lot of confidence herself as well. Since she doesn’t want to falter because of the insignificant small things, she doesn’t look at charts or articles as much, and became a lot more natural on the stage.

G.NA’s last comments were, “By standing on stage where I can directly communicate with my fans, I could get over my awkwardness. A feeling where I don’t feel like a rookie singer as much? I’m trying hard to make it fun. As I did that, many people told me that I’d gotten prettier. I put a spell on myself as well to have confidence like a “Top Girl”.”

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