After School’s Raina Showcases Her Vocal Talents

After School’s Raina made her first appearance on KBS’ “Immortal Song 2,” which features talented idol stars singing older popular songs. This gives a chance for often overlooked vocalists in large idol groups to find their spotlight and showcase their talent.

Rainia said in the pre-performance interview, “I really wanted to appear on ‘Immortal Song 2.’ After School has a lot of members. So even if I sing until it hurts, the camera usually captures other members like Uee. I was a little upset over that.”


Raina was given the chance this week on the October 1 episode with the song titled “I Want to Know You,” originally sung by veteran Lee Sun Hee (who sang for “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” OST).

Lee Sun Hee is highly respected and loved for her clear and powerful voice, making it hard for other artists to sing her songs.

Raina, feeling the pressure, stated that it was an honor to be able to sing Lee Sun Hee’s song and that while she still has a long way to go, she wants to one day be able to move people with her voice just like Lee Sun Hee.

And despite the pressure, Raina took on the challenge and delivered a successful rendition that showcased Raina’s power and range.

Here is Raina’s cut from ‘Immortal Song 2’:


Viewers responded with praises that stated, “Raina’s clear voice drew me deeply into the song,” and “I totally fell in love with Raina…I want to see her again.”

Unfortunately, this was a one-time appearance for Raina as she is currently busy preparing for Orange Caramel’s new album. Raina’s agency also revealed that the new album concept is “Shanghai.”

Can’t wait to see Raina and Orange Caramel again soon!

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