miss A to Target the Chinese Market in November

Girl group miss A will be officially challenging the Chinese market.

Next month, miss A will be dropping a special edition of their 1st official album in China, targeting the Chinese music industry. Previously, miss A’s 1st album has been released on the 30th in Taiwan and China through online music sites and offline albums. The special edition will be released within this month.

The album will include a DVD of miss A’s music video and list title tracks of their previous singles – such as “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “Breathe“, “Good-bye Baby”, and “Love Again” – in Chinese.

Afterwards, miss A will promote their album by making appearances through a press conference in China, as well as various variety programs through channels like Hunan TV.  

Regarding miss A’s future Chinese activity, AQ Entertainment stated, “We are planning to kick off the official dive-in to miss A’s Chinese activities with this album release. As members hold a great anticipation for their Chinese debut, we hope for continuous support and attention from fans to get a good result.”