Sulli Competes With a Dog for Best Ulzzang Angle

Sulli revealed a photo she took with a dog, both posing with an ulzzang angle. 

f(x) member Sulli uploaded this cute photo onto her Me2Day account along with the comment, “I met good-looking Bani while filming on set. Bani, you also know the angle to take photos don’t you?” (Bani is the name of the dog).

Inside the photo, Sulli took a photo with the dog she saw on the set of her filming. With her photo with the dog, Sulli showed off her flawless and fair skin, displaying her innocent beauty. What is funny about this photo is, like Sulli mentioned on her Me2Day account, it seemed like Bani knew that they were taking a picture and chicly posed for the photo.

Netizens who came across this photo responded, “The dog’s expression is very chic,” “Sulli is getting prettier by the day,” “The dog is also posing at a ulzzang angle” and “I thought it was Sulli’s dog. They look strangely similar.”