Korea’s "Younger Sister" IU Crowned as Nation’s Goddess

Singer IU, famously known as the “nation’s younger sister,” is now being called the “nation’s goddess” as she grows up.

On September 29, there was an explosive increase in hits on a community board on the uploaded photos of IU titled “IU Films Wearing a White Dress.”

In the photo, she’s wearing a sleeveless long white chiffon dress, revealing her clavicle and fuller figure. She’s transformed from a cute girl into a mature woman. She has shaken the hearts of older male fans, also known as “uncle fans.” Her long wavy hairstyle created a classical look, and aroused admiration from the audience. 

The netizens responded, “Hello cute IU!” “You are not a girl anymore,” “IU, I will call you a goddess,” “IU is our nation’s goddess,” and “Her beauty remains as she matures.” 

IU is currently working on her second album.