Uee Interview, “I Want to Continue Acting Even If I Have to Work My Butt Off”

Interview originally sourced from Digital Times.

The fanbase of idol star Uee of After School has grown diverse in demographics.

As a member of popular idol girl-group After School, Uee already has a large following of young fans. But now as an acting newcomer, Uee is gaining fans from the older generation.

Uee is currently starring in the KBS weekend drama “Ojakkyo Brothers,” whose viewer rating is reaching almost 30%. Her pre-produced drama, “Birdie Buddy” is also showing strong numbers on the cable network tvN.

“It’s really fascinating when grandmother and grandfathers recognize me as they walk past me,” Uee revealed in this interview. In a happy reflection Uee said, “To them, I am a new actress, the girl in that ‘Ojakkyo’ drama.”

Traditionally weekend dramas are geared toward families, so for idol-turned-actor stars, they help widen the fanbase of the stars. “Ojakkyo Brothers” as a warm family drama is helping Uee receive a wide range of love by playing a once-wealthy girl who by a series of unfortunate events end up camping it up on the ‘Ojakkyo’ farm. Viewers are drawn to the story of the young girl, Baek Ja Young, growing up into a mature and responsible young lady.

Uee stated, “Not only is Ja Young growing up, but I am too.” She continued, “I felt a lot of pressure since this was a weekend drama, which draws a lot of viewers. I didn’t know if I could handle such a large role. And I didn’t know how I should interact with people.”

Uee explained that in the past, she really only spoke to the other After School members. She enjoyed being alone and would keep her distance from people.

“But while doing this drama, I am learning how to interact with people and how not to be scared of them.” If Uee had to attend gatherings in the past, she wouldn’t go but now she enjoys them.

“If the other actors and actresses from ‘Ojakkyo’ are having a gathering, I always make sure to go. Even though they must have had prejudices against idol-turned-actors, they approached me first and gave me advice. I almost cried when my seniors warmly encouraged me.”

Uee continued with laughter, “I’m really excited to be give this opportunity to learn how to act and hope that the drama will be extended so I have more time.”

Uee couldn’t hide her passion for acting as she talked about having to balance After School’s Japanese activities with her filming for the drama. On a single day, she can be filming in the morning in Korea and then singing in Japan in the afternoon. Despite the hard schedule Uee exclaimed, “I want to continue acting even if I have to work my butt off.”

“Yes, I am ambitious. I really respect Kim Suh Ah and Gong Hyo Jin and their natural acting. I want to be like them one day. From now on, I want to work more and experience more things.”

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