Bekah is a Jill of All Trades

After School graduate Bekah is the go to girl for art, inspirational messages, and cantaloupe warnings? The former idol had quite a bit to say at the end of September to her followers. The artistic lady released her latest masterpiece on September 28 entitled “Wildflowers.” The asymmetrical piece captivated fans with many retweets after the initial post appeared on her Tumblr and Twitter simultaneously.Check out her news below: 

Bekah wrote, “titled: WildFlowers. by: bekah I just couldn’t stop drawing once I started this piece. It was just late one night and BAM! I had thee urge to draw. This is my first time actually framing one of my pieces like this. Hope that you guys enjoy it. I have more in store…stay tuned guys.. love & peace -b”

Bekah is not only showing her many talents; she is keeping everyone informed!  The recent outbreak of “deadly” cantaloupe is keeping many in the western world on alert. Never fear …. Bekah’s here! She quickly tweeted a caring message to warn her followers: “Did you guys hear about the deadly cantaloupe ? Be careful and they advise not to eat ‘rocky ford’ from Jenson farms of Granada.”

Since Bekah has departed from the music industry to focus on her college curriculum in America’s paradise state of Hawaii, fans have been eager to find a way to continue to send her letters and gifts. Sending packages for Bekah at Pledis Entertainment isn’t the wisest choice if she is on the other side of the world. To solve her fan problem, she is opening a Post Office box!  She tweeted the following message twice as a solution to this dilemma “hold on I will be making a PO BOX soon.”

Will you send your fan gifts to her when she releases her new address?