SS501’s Park Jung Min Goes on a Tweeting Spree in Taiwan

One pair of shoes: $100

The latest autumn jacket: $1000

Park Jung Min’s Taiwan photo essay… priceless, if it’s on Twitter!

Jung Min is heating up the Twittersphere! The SS501 member is currently portraying character Xi Huan in the upcoming Taiwanese drama “Fondant Garden”. Even though his schedule is jam-packed with filming and performing in the occasional concerts all over Asia, he still found time to tweet! At the end of Septemeber, he tweeted a series of messages and photos that could be considered his photo essay! So, enough with my small talk, check out the mini-photo essay from Park Jung Min’s official Twitter account below:

“This is the paper I constructed while under stress in Malaysia”

“Floating high above the clouds in Malaysia… I didn’t do anything. It’s a cable car. It was already raining when I descended.”

“This is a picture of the performing team. The youngest member is not in this photo because he wasn’t feeling well. Don’t say leave… come come to me!”

“I discovered this interesting image of myself while I was bumming around in Taiwan. Rankga is next to me and he made a naughty smile. It’s not pleasing to the eye. Rankga rationalizes stepping back in every photo to make his face appear smaller next to my celebrity face. He is really testing my patience and endurance.”

“If there are fruits from chickens in Taiwan (e.g., chickens growing on trees) then there are must be fruits from crows in Malaysia.”

“Supporting guy enjoyed a quality lunch and afternoon tea.”

“Malaysian group photo returns”

After wrapping up his Japanese mobile drama this summer, he headed east. The “Not Alone” singer and CNR Media talent is filming the drama “Fondant Garden” in Taiwan with fellow actors Kingone Wang and Shara Lin. Now that you have viewed his tweets, which snapshot by the fabulous idol is your favorite?

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