Yoon Mirae Makes the List of Top 12 Female Rappers in the World

This past September, MTV Iggy, the website for the American music television channel MTV, created a list titled, “The 12 Best Female Emcees Dominating Mics Everywhere.” Singer/rapper Yoon Mirae was added to that list.

MTV representatives said, “The female rappers that have ranked top 12 in the world have been influential musicians in their respective countries,” and “Yoon Mirae is the queen of South Korean Hip-Hop.”

Also, they stated, “The reason Yoon Mirae is considered the queen of hip-hop not only because she was wed to the king of hip-hop, Tiger JK. Having been born in the United States, she is also a musician with a naturally soulful voice and superior talent as a rapper.” 

In the meantime, the beloved king and queen have been active supporters of several campaigns to protect children, such as UN’s campaign to “Protect the Human Rights of Children and Youth”, along with Vogue Korea’s “STOP & LOVE” campaign to prevent child abuse.