miss A Suzy’s Sister-like Mother

Photos of miss A Suzy’s mother was revealed through an online community freeboard.

On the freeboard, two photos were uploaded with the title, “Suzy taking selcas (Pictures of herself with a camera) with her mother during a trip”. The photo was taken from Suzy’s twitter account.

In the photo, Suzy and her mother are affectionately taking selcas together in a cafe. Suzy has no make-up on and has black horn-rimmed glasses on, which gives off a comfortable feel and atmosphere. Her mother, like Suzy, is staring at the camera with cute expressions. Her mother’s baby face especially attracted a lot of attention from Netizens.

Netizens who have seen these photos have said, “Suzy’s mother is cute like Suzy,”, “Is it her mother or her aunty?” “They must have a nice relationship,” and “No wonder Suzy is pretty, she resembles her mother.”