Upcoming Drama "Fermented Family" Starring Song Il Gook Begins Filming

Upcoming drama “Fermented Family,” which stars Song Il Gook and Park Jin Hee began shooting in the Insadong area of Seoul at the end of October. Local news agencies reported that a number of Song Il Gook’s Japanese fans have gathered at the filming site to catch a glimpse of the actor, proving his popularity.

The drama’s first shooting involved the filming of scenes with Song Il Gook’s character Ki Ho Tae visiting a restaurant. The actor, best known for playing the title role in “Jumong,” stepped out in a modern and chic style, wearing a black suit and sideswept bangs grazing his eyes and covering his forehead.

He had reportedly livened up the set by buying kimbap and drinks for the staff who did not get to have breakfast that morning. In return, the staff presented him with a cake for his coming birthday.

“Fermented Family” is about the crossed paths of two daughters who take ownership of their father’s restaurant, and someone who is looking for a piece of his past. The drama premieres on jTBC on December 7.