Son Ye Jin: "I Ripped Lee Min Ki’s Shirt and Kissed Him"

Son Ye Jin revealed her most memorable scene from her upcoming movie “Chilling Romance” co-starring Lee Min Ki.

“There was a day when the weather was very hot, but I had to kiss Lee Min Ki,” the actress confessed. “I ripped his shirt.” In the movie, it was Lee Min Ki who actually kissed her first and she slapped him. However, the tables turned and she ripped his shirt, kissing him roughly.

Son Ye Jin’s revelation was made on the October 2 episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” when the program visited the two actors on the site of their movie’s poster shoot.

“Chilling Romance” is about Yeo Ri, a woman whose near-death experience got her to start seeing ghosts, and Jo, a peculiar guy who performs magic tricks. The movie opens in theaters later in the year.