Sexy Diva Seo In Young Soon to Comeback

Seo In Young has revealed photos, keeping her fans updated on her current status. 

On October 4, ahead of her comeback, singer Seo In Young posted on to her Twitter account, “Do we look alike? I am currently resting after recording and practicing for my comeback. There’s really not much time left until my comeback!” 


On the 30th of last September, Seo In Young also revealed a photo from her album photo shoot, showing a different image to the photo she recently posted. In this photo she portrayed a sexy but cute look, with her long straight hair, short bangs and smoky eye make-up.

With Seo In Young’s chameleon like transformations, the fans have expressed their high anticipation for her comeback. “Will is be an innocent concept this time?” “She has gotten cuter”, “I’m really looking forward to this album”, and “Seo In Young has come back as a divine women”.

Meanwhile, Seo In Young is scheduled to come back and promote her new album later this month.