Daniel Henney Shares Photos from His Trip to Africa

It has been awhile since we have seen Daniel Henney on the small screen. What has our favorite Korean-American superstar been up to?

The “Fugitive Plan B” actor has starred in Hollywood productions like the “X-Men” franchise, CBS‘s medical drama “Three Rivers” and most recently in the upcoming film entitled “Americatown“. After traveling to China and back to America’s East coast (specifically New York) for his latest project, one would think Mister Henney would take a breather, not likely.

The celebrity has too much love in his heart and world peace to solve. On September 22, Daniel took flight to the wonderful country of Kenya. “I’m headed to Kenya in the morning. Everyone, wish me luck. I’ll have some great updates when I get back! Love Daniel” he tweeted. His trip was inspired by Jeremy Gilley’s “One Day Of Peace” mission. Gilley’s project, which is promoted every year to extend the message of world peace, is observed every September 21. 

His adventure began! From September 22 until October 4, no one heard or saw a tweet out of him. That is until October 5, when a series of images were tweeted (and uploaded on his Facebook) under the message “I posted 13 photos on Facebook in the album ‘Africa'” stated Daniel Henney. Check out some of the many images from his trip below:

Fans were ecstatic that their star had returned with photos in hand. They commented with messages like the following: “Biceps and humanitarian work. I think I just died and went straight to heaven,” “You are still exceptionally handsome, even while taking part in volunteer work” and “You can spead love everywhere you go. Don’t let anyone leave your presence without feeling a little more cheerful.”

Do you want to view more heart warming images of Daniel Henney, his manager Martin Chung, and the beautiful children of Kenya? Click here to be directed to his photo album entitled “Africa”