Song Hye Kyo Shows Off Curly Hair in "High Cut"

Song Hye Kyo changed up her normally soft, feminine, wavy locks with something a little bit more unusual. In a collection of photographs for the 62nd edition of style magazine “High Cut,” the actress shows off really curly hair, like a doll’s.

Song Hye Kyo is set to come back to the scene soon. She stars in “A Reason to Live,” (also known as “Today,” and formerly titled “La Quotidienne”) which premieres in the Busan International Film Festival and will open in cinemas in late October.

In “A Reason to Live,” Song Hye Kyo plays a documentary film director whose fiancé was killed in an accident. She forgives the teenaged culprit due to her strong Catholic faith, but years later, faces the consequences of her act of mercy.