Kim Tae Hee’s "Me and My Star’s 99 Days" Releases Second Teaser

Kim Tae Hee’s first Japanese drama, “Me and My Star’s 99 Days” drums up more interest as it inches towards its upcoming premiere with the release of another short teaser video. The 15-seconder is a brief glimpse of the actress in a yellow dress and of her leading man, Hidetoshi Nijishima.

In “Me and My Star’s 99 Days,” Kim Tae Hee is Han Yoo Na, one of Korea’s most popular actresses. Japanese actor Hidetoshi Nijishima portrays Yoo Na’s bodyguard and falls in love with her. 2PM’s Taecyeon was recently announced to join the cast, playing Tae Sung, a character with a secret.

“Me and My Star’s 99 Days” will broadcast on Fuji TV, on its Sunday 9PM time slot, also called “Dramatic Sunday.” The drama begins airing on October 23.

Video credit: MoChiMP@YT