Wonder Girls Celebrated Yubin’s 24th Birthday

On October 4, Yubin celebrated her 24th birthday with her group Wonder Girls.

Their official Facebook released a picture of the girls taken together with the birthday cake titled “Happy birthday Yubin;)”.

They also tweeted from Wonder Girls twitter, “#HappyYUBirthday we are on set and we just did a little surprise birthday party for Yubin!! Thanks everyone for the sweet tweets!!”

Another member Hye Lim also tweeted, “@WGyubin Happy Birthday Unni (big sister)!!!”

Yubin replied to her fans and friends wishes on Twitter with, “Thx everyone for the bday messages i love you all! 생일 축하해주신 모든분들 감사해요!! Now I’m 23 in america and 24 in korea hahaha^^”

Currently, the Wonder Girls are shooting their Nickelodeon movie and check out their behind the scenes photo too.