Kim Jae Won Dislocates Shoulder While Filming For "I Am A Flower Too"

Actor Kim Jae Won has dislocated his shoulder while filming for the new MBC drama, “I’m A Flower Too and will be taking a break until October 6.

Kim Jae Won started filming for “I’m A Flower Too” on October 4. On this day, he was shooting a scene where he was riding a scooter down an alleyway. However, the scooter suddenly took off without warning and Kim Jae Won landed badly on his shoulder. He was sent to the emergency room right away. Kim Jae Won’s representatives stated on October 5, “His shoulder dislocates quite often and it is very painful for him. Since the scooter suddenly took off, Kim Jae Won’s shoulder tensed up so it got dislocated.”

Kim Jae Won received treatment from the hospital right away and was able to be discharged on the same day. The doctor stated, while there was no alarming problem to his health, he must still take precautionary measures of safety, which is why Kim Jae Won is resting until October 6. The doctor also said that Kim Jae Won will need to take it easy for about two weeks in order to maintain a good body condition.

Sources say, “He is resting at home. He will be visiting the hospital again today to get examined. He told the drama staff that he will rest until October 6. He will return to the set this week and shoot all the scenes that are behind.”

Ever since Kim Jae Won discovered that the shooting of “I’m A Flower Too” will be taking place around Kangnam, he moved to Kangnam — showing his passion for this drama. But because of this unexpected injury, he was very discouraged and upset. Representatives said, “Kim Jae Won moved to Kangnam for this drama but since he got hurt on the very first day of filming, he is pretty disappointed. He is worried that he is becoming a burden to the production. He will try to recover as quickly as possible and try not to slow down the drama production from now on.”

Kim Jae Won also previously injured his neck disc while filming “Can You Hear My Heart” and had to suffer long periods of pain. Fans are expressing sorrow for Kim Jae Won’s frequent trips to the emergency room.

“I Am A Flower Too,” is a cheery and ambitious melodrama about a man and three women. It will air after “Can’t Lose” in November.

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